30,000 hacks a day and counting…

Protect Your Business
Forbes Magazine estimates everyday that more 30,000 websites are hacked.  DId you know that everyday your website and hosting web server are being probed for vulnerabilities by hackers?

  • There are three types of hacker motivation: Cyber Crime, Hacktivism and Cyber Espionage.
  • Most hacks to websites are automated, there is no individual targeting your company.
  • Three layers of attacks are possible, but 90% go through a Layer 7 DDoS (distributed denial of service). The other two are Layer 3 and 4.Country-Distribution-Sep-2015

How WE plan to protect your website: 

  1. We will monitor your site with Sucuri.  They are a top-level website security company.
  2. Automatically check your site several times each day for malware or attack signifiers.
  3. Fix your site in 4 – 12 hours.

Really? Really! 

  • Prices are a fraction of what repair costs could be if you are hacked
  • One-time setup fee
  • Includes FIXING your site if it is infected
  • iCita coordinates directly with Sucuri – you don’t need to check your site every day!sucuri_logo

Call us today 720.232.0917 for more information.  We can be monitoring your site(s) within hours.

Stay safe.



Forbes Article:  30,000 Sites Hacked Per Day…
Hackmageddon Article:  2016 Hack Statistics

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