Why You Should Share Others’ Content to Promote Yourself

Have you ever been at a social gathering and met someone who seems to have self-proclaimed themselves as the most interesting man (or woman) in the world? Nobody likes that person — after a few seconds of conversation anyone stuck talking to them develops a sudden need for the restroom, …

Three Landing Page Questions that Must be Answered

Here at iCita we support Salesforce and Pardot for our clients.  So I want to share some great information passed on by the Pardot team.  Here are three simple, but very important questions when building a landing page. What’s in it for me? Bounce rates on landing pages can be …

One BIG Graphic – 7 Steps to Success with Content Marketing

Thanks to our friends at Smart Insights and their massive graphic design department, we have a HUGE graphic about how to use content better.  Enjoy the great tips…and the scrolling.  ; ) The research shows the challenge of content marketing with: Over two-thirds (67%) of businesses creating more content in …

Editors and Writers – How to test a new website before you launch it.

1. Spelling, grammar, punctuation Check for proper spelling, typos, and grammar site-wide. Not just in article text and headlines, but also throughout the navigation, calls-to-action, buttons, forms etc. 2. Forms Fill out the forms on the site and go through the following questions: Can the flow be improved? Do you …

Increase Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Engagement – Three Steps

Your nonprofit uses social media marketing to reach its various audiences, right? So, how’s it going? Wish you could acquire and engage more supporters? No matter how big or small, your nonprofit can improve its social media results by doing the following three things.

Three Very Important Questions for Non-Profits

One of the keys to having a successful nonprofit is to ask pointed questions about your organization and to respond with truthful answers. In so doing, your nonprofit can identify what is working and what isn’t, and what tactics to use to improve and move forward.

Revealing flaws is the only way to tackle them, and the only way to reveal them in the first place is to look for them by asking the right questions. There may not necessarily be a flaw in a nonprofit’s workings, but there is likely to be a better, more efficient way to use resources—or a problem in need of an inventive solution.

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