Coping with Some of the Frustrations of SEO

When it comes to SEO, you of course want to always rank as high as you can.  With this, you may  also endure some frustrations.  In this blog, we will discuss how to cope with 5 of some of the most infuriating problems with SEO as described by Rand Fishkin on


  1. Following “best practices” lists and advice often does nothing for new and emerging sites
  2. Competition is ranking on manipulative or spammy links
  3. No understanding of why the rankings are going up and down
  4. Lack of control/predictability of SEO
  5. Hard to compete against big brands- Google favors

How to Deal:

  1. “Best practices” are created to support a website and keep problems from happening, unfortunately these do not increase rankings.
  2. Spammy and manipulative links and pop-ups are very annoying (as we all know) and can actually create loss.  Are you willing to spam people and potentially lose customers/website viewers?
  3. You, Google, competitors and searchers are constantly changing!  Be aware of this and be aware of your target audience.
  4. Understand that things happen that we can’t control and we can only be prepared.  Know your audience and anticipate multiple scenarios.
  5. (This is my favorite)  Choose to compete where other companies can’t and won’t.  Build on these things to grow as an organization.  Serve the market or customer that larger companies won’t and become your own brand!




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