Facebook 101 – Types of Ads.  

For Facebook advertising, there are 8 different types of ads that fit into the “News Feed Ad” and the “Right Hand Column Ad” and with these, websites can find the most effective ad to attract viewers to your site.

  1. The Facebook Video Ad-These are actually the most favored type of ad in the Facebook Timeline!
  2. The Photo Ad-A nice, large, colorful picture always get viewers attention.
  3. The Multi-Product Ad-These ads typically have multiple pictures that scroll sideways (Ideal for retail websites!).
  4. The Local Ad-These are used when the target audience is the local population (Local businesses, Schools).
  5. The Offer Ad-These are very successful in attracting viewers to your website by offering some sort of deal if they click on the Facebook ad. (Buy now and save!)
  6. The Event Ad-These are great for annual, first time, or any kind of event! (Bolder, Boulder)
  7. The Retargeting Ad-Have you ever visited a website and then saw the same website in your facebook ads after viewing that website?  Thats what a retargeting ad is.
  8. The Boosted Post-These posts originate on a company’s Facebook page and are eventually “boosted” to public Facebook when they use advertising money.



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