FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  July 12, 2016 – Longmont, Colorado.  Today iCita announced the launch of a new set of online marketing services after conducting an 18 month proof of concept study where online sales in the live test market were tripled.  Using a methodology that combined classic search engine optimization with unique approaches to social media, targeted advertising, media releases, video, email marketing and drip campaigns, their approach and success paid off.  “Everyone in the industry has a plan to create more sales for their clients, we just decided to go out and prove we could do it first,” said Thomas Smidt, iCita President.

The study was run on an existing ecommerce website with international customer base but with a somewhat disjointed approach to marketing.  The iCita team started by laying out a two year marketing strategy by defining the target audiences and set specific goals for all areas of improvement.  Then they evaluated the existing marketing plan that included many elements of classic marketing such as media releases, video, social media, email marketing, list rental and print advertising.  This showed them the flaws in the process but also exposed new potential audiences.



Using a custom designed approach called the iCita Online Marketing Model, the iCita team put in place targeted online marketing, new online systems, and an advertising plan that included specific CTA (call to action) methods along with metrics that would validate efforts.   “It was amazing,” recounts Tom Smidt, “we increased online social media followers by over 1000%, boosted site visits and conversions by 400% and we were just thrilled at that.  It was at this point, though, that we decided to fine-tune the CTAs even more.  The result was a steady growth in sales over that year, followed by two quarters of extremely high sales volume where we tripled monthly sales, then beat that record the following quarter.  Our customer was very happy.”

iCita (pronounced eye-SEE-ta) is already known in the industry as a web design and development company with hundreds of sites in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Volusion, Salesforce and Hubspot.  They work fluently with platforms such as Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Exact Target, Vertical Response, Marketo, Blackbaud, and Donor Perfect.  But this challenge was one where they could confidently move into another marketing avenue to benefit and grow their clients.

iCita (pronounced eye-SEE-ta) is a strategic design and development company focused on cloud-based technologies and strategic solutions in both marketing and technology. iCita llc is based Colorado and founded in 2001 in Boulder, at the heart of the technology boom in the state. At iCita, we listen to our customers’ needs, create a strategy around those needs, then implementeffective solutions.

The iCita Marketing Strategy Model is now available to existing iCita customers.  New customers must qualify to be considered.  Please contact Tom Smidt directly at tom.smidt@icita.net or 720.232.0917.

More information on iCita Inc. and its founder, Mr. Thomas Smidt, can be found on the web site at www.iCita.net.

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