Making your site responsive?  7 Reasons why you need to hire a developer.  

Websites can be difficult and time consuming to keep updated and functional!  Things can go wrong and hiring a developer can help keep things from happening, and when they do, they are your #1 support!  Here are 7 more reasons why YOU should hire a developer.

  1.  Code/standards change frequently and it’s hard to keep up.

Web developers keep up with code and standards for development!

  1. You waste more time trying to figure out things yourself

Website development can be hard and very time consuming.  Hiring a developer will ease your stress and save you a lot of time and frustration.

  1.  They know best design practices

Design practices are also changing often and web developers know what works and what doesn’t.  They will also know W3C usability guidelines.

  1.  Content Management Systems

You should be able to manage and update the site and the developer should be able to troubleshoot and update the CMS. Web developers can keep everything up and running as well as fix any issues that are encountered.  The best of them will empower and support you and your company in every aspect of development.

  1. Technical Support

Sometimes things get changed and may not work as they should.  Web developers can help with the technical support and maintain functionality for your website.  

  1.  Redesign

Things change! So should your site!  Let your web developer update and redesign your site!

  1. Site optimization / Usability

A good web developer will assist you with SEO or search engine optimization.  They also know how to make pages load quickly and  help you keep your content search engine friendly.

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