The Birth of the CMTO – Chief Marketing Technology Officer

It’s no secret that there has been a tug-of-war between the chief marketing officer (CMO) and the chief technology officer (CTO) in recent years — so much so that it has resulted in the birth of the so-called CMTO (chief marketing technology officer). The smart use of data and automation to inform not just what works, but what doesn’t will see agency executives move from predicting consumer behaviours to creating them. In turn, CMOs will evolve beyond their past core focus of shaping the company’s profile, to understanding analytics and infrastructure while surrounding themselves with the required talent to help them make this transition.

“Data scientists will become one of the hottest and in-demand roles – although the vast majority of people relabelling themselves as one will be years away from having the experience and knowledge to warrant such a title.”

Paul Rouke, Founder and Director of Optimisation at PRWD

Marketers will begin to obtain a deeper view of their customers’ behaviours and journeys, leading to much more efficient decision making and spending. Expect to see CTOs further understand the creative process, too, and media agencies as a whole evolve to support production capabilities of both.

Excerpt from ClickZ Digital Trends 2016 

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