Top Customer Topics of July 2016

I thought I’d share the kinds of calls and requests we recevied from customers last month…

Can you please put a Donor Perfect donation form on our WordPress website?

The Donor Perfect platform by Blackbaud allows website integration of giving forms as well as ecommerce.

Add the Web-to-Lead feature in Salesforce to our Joomla website

The process is simple (especially in Joomla), but then we also build lead assignment rules and workflows in Salesforce to alert regional sales reps of web inquiries.

Website SEO audit of our real estate site to prepare for Facebook Ads

Social media advertising works best when your site is also optimized.

Audit and setup keywords for the Google Adwords non-profit grant

Put that $10,000 monthly Google grant to work building your message.

We’re growing – migrate our website to a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Our referral server companies offer many levels of service and support

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