Why You Can’t TOTALLY Depend on Google

Blasphemay?  Top 3 reasons you can’t totally rely on Google

Google receives hundred of millions of searches per day on average. More and more, Google is changing how it provides answers to your questions.  In the past, you would get the top 10 links that could answer your question, nowadays, Google is providing instant answers.  Instead of clicking on the link to go to the webpage where the instant answer content came from, Google is getting the text from the webpage to put the result directly on the search page.  This means bad news for websites; the “instant answers” are keeping people from visiting your website. Don’t rely solely on an external platform!  When maintaining your website, make sure you’re changing and updating content, develop conversations directly with customers (subscribers),  and cutting out any need for the “middle man” between you and your customers!

(Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute)

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