WTF? Non-Mobile Friendly Resulting in Cramped Hands for College Kids!

Maybe my title seems a bit exaggerated, but as a college student, my mobile devices are some of the most important devices I use daily.  Not only for the social aspect, but now a lot of schools and school resources are being utilized on mobile devices.  The issue with these is that the desktop version and the mobile version are completely different.  The desktop version provides me with more information overall, but is hard to view on my mobile device.  The mobile version doesn’t provide me with the same content as the desktop version and it looks totally different from the desktop version.  It is very important to have a little bit of both when you’re designing a website!

Tips from a college student:

  • Keep the content and navigation similar to the desktop version
  • Make it mobile friendly with large text
  • Put Plenty of spacing between links
  • Make it capable of use on any mobile device!

Trust me on these, and your website viewers will be able to avoid a lot of frustration!

My reaction to non-friendly mobile-friendly websites!

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