FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  October 10, 2016 – Longmont, Colorado.  Today, iCita and Ability Connection Colorado of Denver announced the release of their newly restructured and upgraded website.  The planning and strategy for this re-launch started over a year ago with Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO) needing to pull their statewide programs away from their individual website locations and re-organize them into one cohesive location at www.AbilityConnectionColorado.org.  The strategy was to adhere to responsive and best practices  guidelines while keeping SEO rankings and Google Adwords consistent.

The website planning started with multiple strategy sessions with key executive team members to build a coherent splan integrating individual sites into a Program Support area within the site.  At the same time, ACCO needed to respect the customer base each statewide had built as well as their content ownership.   “It was a challenge to show respect programmically and make it an easier discussion with each program lead,” says Tom Smidt, CEO of iCita. “We went through a long design and mockup process to get everything correct and approved before developing the platform.”

The new website is located www.AbilityConnectionColorado.org and consists microsite functionality which allowed multiple WordPress websites to be pulled into a single installation of WordPress but provide individual content ownership for individual Program departments.  The site used a Divi Framework along with a new content editor and microsite permission system.

Tom Smidt also worked closely with Tiffani Lennon, VP Development and her team to develope a transition and development strategy.  The partnership was a great success and has created a more uniform representation of Ability Connection Colorado.

About Ability Connection Colorado 

Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO) is built on a legacy established in 1946 when seven mothers met to form a Mother’s Club, because they refused to institutionalize their children, and instead “dared to dream of a better life for their disabled children.”ACCO provides inclusive education, pathways to employment, and statewide family support programs to create opportunities and sustainable change for families across Colorado. We are a Guidestar best practice organization and work hard to ensure .89 cents on every dollar directly supports thousands of individuals and families every year.

About iCita llc
iCita (pronounced eye-SEE-ta) is a strategic marketing and technology company focused on cloud-based technologies and solutions.  The iCita team has specific strategies that form a solid bridge between marketing and technology goals propelling their clients forward.  The company is based Colorado and founded in 2001 in Boulder, at the very heart of the technology boom in the state.

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