Amazon Product SEO and Digital Marketing

Amazon continues to excel!  With the purchase of Whole Foods and the growth of Amazon Prime, companies with products need to have a presence and promote themselves on Amazon. Here are the pros and cons of using Amazon, but also how you need to start your digital marketing plan.

Pros of selling on Amazon: 

  • Do not need a website
  • They handle shipping
  • Handle customer interaction
  • 245+ Million users
  • 44% of online shoppers go directly to Amazon
  • Simplicity of selling on Amazon


  • They charge a variety of fees and these change based on product type
  • Lose control of customer experience
  • People can leave negative reviews
  • Monthly storage fees for products in their warehouses
  • Other fees such as inventory placement fees

What you need to do first:

Do a competitive analysis of top sellers.

  1. Look at their bullet points, titles, and messaging.
  2. Review pricing and understand how you can be competitive
  3. Sizes, colors and give variety.
  4. Sell in bundles
  5. Provide photos and videos to give user a good feel and confident in their purchase
  6. Look at competitor reviews and sales rank

What is Amazon SEO?

  • Optimization of individual products
  • Amount of sales and how recently
  • Reviews and how recent reviews are
  • Competition factor

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