Case Study: McKesson’s Change Healthcare App Challenge

Last fall, McKesson’s Change Healthcare group came to us with a challenge – Create an app that used the content from their new WordPress website.  Essentially, how can we have content updates made in one location make updates to mobile apps at the same time.   We had just finished upgrading …

Twitter leading the charge with new Progressive Web App

In later 2018, Twitter made a bold move. Twitter replaced it much neglected Windows native app with a progressive web app version. They are not the first app to leverage progressive web apps in the Windows store, but they are one of the first to have a public announcement. Twitter …

WTF? Non-Mobile Friendly Resulting in Cramped Hands for College Kids!

Maybe my title seems a bit exaggerated, but as a college student, my mobile devices are some of the most important devices I use daily.  Not only for the social aspect, but now a lot of schools and school resources are being utilized on mobile devices.  The issue with these …

Internet Trends: Smartphone cameras – how often are then used during the day.

Take it, edit it, post it.  All done on our phones.  This is how you have to thing in the future. Internet trends show that almost 50% of millennials (18 – 14) use their camera/video at least once a day.

Making your site responsive?  7 Reasons why you need to hire a developer.  

Websites can be difficult and time consuming to keep updated and functional!  Things can go wrong and hiring a developer can help keep things from happening, and when they do, they are your #1 support!  Here are 7 more reasons why YOU should hire a developer.