Google+ Can + Your Visibility!

I have been using all the Google gadgets I can because they are super easy to use, accessible as long as you know your password, and sharable via almost everything!  Google has so many convenient things on their Google+, businesses are using Google+ also!  Google+ can increase your exposure on the internet and extend your reach and attract more followers.

Here are 5 ways you can use Google+ with your website and improve your exposure and extension to your web page viewers/seekers, as well as improve your visibility in Google search results!

 1. Include key links in your introduction

Google+ automatically places your verified website link in a couple of places for business pages. It will be at the top of your profile page above the Follow button.

2. Optimize posts for Google search results

Need a reason to post more on Google+? If someone follows your Google+ profile or page, they’re more likely to see your posts in Google search results.

3. Schedule consistent updates to your profile and page

There are several popular social media management tools that allow you to post updates to your Google+ business page, but most of these don’t work with your Google+ personal profile. Fortunately, a tool like BuzzBundle allows you to post to and manage both Google+ personal profiles and business pages.

4. Use Google+ as your business page

Google+ as your business page allows a lot of freedom to be found  or followed.  Just about everyone uses Google in some form or another, having a Google+ business page gives your webpage that much more exposure, whereas a Facebook business page can only be seen by Facebook users.

5. Create/Join a community

Google+ communities are similar to Facebook and LinkedIn groups. The one main difference is that you can use either your Google+ personal profile or your business page to both create and participate in communities.

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