Top 5 Donor Planning Tips for 2015

Do you know that individuals make up over 70% of donations to non-profits each year?

You are competing with over 1.5 million other non-profits for these donations?

You need to start preparing now for the giving season. Here’s how:

DEFINE your target audiences…again. You may have done research before and have the data, but revisit it. How people are getting information changes faster than we can set up a plan. You need to be as flexible.

CONFIRM the best methods for communicating to your audience. Are they a younger audience that responds better to social media or an older audience that responds to blog articles? It is most likely a combination. You may already know this, but revisit how it is being accomplished.

REVIEW your data capture methodology and call-to-action. How are people donating and being converted to be your donor? Knowing how the conversion process is working is very important. Donate yourself and review the usability of your online forms and the path to them.

TECHNOLOGY evaluation: If you are thinking of changing your donation platform or updating/upgrading your website, start your planning now. Define your requirements and evaluate your current system. Sometimes it is just a few small tweaks to your current system that can make a big difference.

FINDABILITY: Can you be found on searches easily? Just by your corporate name? SEO strategies and plans take time to grab hold. Re-visit your keywords, match them to your target audiences, and define the expected outcome. Build a plan and make changes now, so they are in full swing by fall.