Case Study: McKesson’s Change Healthcare App Challenge

Last fall, McKesson’s Change Healthcare group came to us with a challenge – Create an app that used the content from their McKesson logonew WordPress website.  Essentially, how can we have content updates made in one location make updates to mobile apps at the same time.   We had just finished upgrading their WordPress website and we were excited to see what we could accomplish for them next.

The site update went well, and as in many cases, we had taken over where another team couldn’t finish.  We first fixed their issues, then made necessary updates, and finished the project launching their site in the time frame they wanted.  Next Change Healthcare wanted to follow it up with a mobile app that mirrored the new website.  No problem for us, but there was the requirement of making it easy on the content publishers/editors to update blog posts and pages on all platforms.
Mobile App Mockup

Goal:  Create a mobile application to mimic the content and layout of the primary Change Healthcare WordPress site.

Challenges:  It was determined that a great option would be if the editors at Change Healthcare could update content in WordPress and it would simultaneously update the content in the mobile app.  We needed to find the path to have WordPress content updates trigger and share the data with the mobile apps. There were sister apps developed – one for Apple and the other Android, so the content must be pushed to those to apps after an update was made.

Solution:  iCita created a methdology, design and plan for the project.  We then implemented changes to the WordPress structure, and created mobile apps for both Android an iPhone.  Content is stored in WordPress and distributed to the apps when updates are made.