Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation Shines with Upgraded Strategy and Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  July 9, 2017 – Longmont, Colorado.  Ray of Hope Colorado launched a new website and strategy to help more cancer families in need.  Partnering with iCita last year and early 2017, they worked to more directly focus their messaging and presentation for their audience culminating in a site re-launch.

Executive Director, Tiffani Lennon, brought her insight and wealth of experience to the table as a new driving force in the organization recently.  Her knowledge of specific constituency groups helped iCita mold a messaging formula and website experience she liked.  Now a more clear message and story is front and center on the website, and the path to information and call to actions is much clearer.

The new responsive site and application is located at www.RayofHopeColorado.org.RayofHope-Anniversary-Logo

About Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation

Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation was established as the Raymond Wentz Foundation in late 2002 by oncologist Dr. David Schrier in memory of his patient, Ray. To date, we have given over $4 million in financial assistance to over 4,000 cancer patients in every corner of Colorado.

The service we provide is unlike any other in Colorado: we respond to the urgent needs of Coloradans with cancer by providing financial assistance with dignity and humanity. By giving unrestricted cash grants directly to cancer patients in treatment, we give them the freedom to use the gift however they see fit. Groceries, rent, utility payments—even flowers for a daughter’s wedding—we impose zero restrictions. All of our grantees have expenses that exceed their income, many of them with no income at all due to loss of work as a result of cancer treatment. We provide them with the dignity of managing their grant funds, prioritizing their needs as only they know them.

About iCita llc
iCita (pronounced eye-SEE-ta) is a strategic marketing and technology company focused on cloud-based technologies and solutions.  The iCita team has specific strategies that form a solid bridge between marketing and technology goals propelling their clients forward.  The company is based Colorado and founded in 2001 in Boulder, at the very heart of the technology boom in the state.

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