Top 5 Digital Marketing Techniques – Looking ahead in 2017

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Select one marketing activity that you think will give your business the biggest
incremental uplift in leads and sales in 2017.
While you keep busy with your daily activities this new year, let these top 5 marketing techniques stew in your subconscious to bring you more success in 2017.  
These are the top five of 15 top-rated digital marketing techniques of 2017.  They reiterate the need to stay focused on what works while embracing what’s new.
  1. Content Marketing: 40% more businesses are using a strategic content approach in marketing and are starting to measure Content Marketing ROI.
  2. Big Data: Larger businesses used data analytics but now smaller companies are increasing sales through website personalization and predictiv analytics.
  3. Marketing Automation: CRM, Behavioural email marketing and web personalisation.
  4. Mobile Marketing: Mobile advertising, site development and applications. For ecommerce, there is still a lag in online conversions, so people are still gravitating to their latop to buy instead of their smartphone.
  5. Social Media Marketing: The growth of many networks has slowed, but the audience and segementation is extremely successful in advertising.
Happy New Year!